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Office 365 - PC Installation

First of all navigate to


The box that appears may show your personal email (if you use Outlook/Hotmail); if so click on


+ Use Another Account


If it auto-logs you into your mail please logout and repeat the steps above.


Enter your college email address and click next;

You will be redirected to our Office365 Login Page


Login with your college email address & network password (the one you use to login to the computers with)


When you login; near the top right of the screen is Install Office click this and select Office 365 Apps










This will then install the Microsoft Office Suite onto your computer.


Periodically it will ask you to sign in with your college email address and password; as the software is only licensed whilst you are employed/studying at the college. Therefore please do not give your network password out to anyone, as tempting as it may be… they then in theory have complete access to our Network (including Sapien which is a huge GDPR/Data Protection issue).​

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