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Remote Network Drives

Remote Network Drives allows you to access some of the College Network drives via a Web Browser - instead of logging into the Full Remote Desktop Service.  If you are looking for how to login to Remote Access please select the Remote Access link from the Software dropdown above.

Logging into Remote Network Drives

Remote Network Drives is available from

  • At the login page, enter your college username (without or and password

  • Click My Files

You should now see an Image similar to this.

Dependant on your access level you may see more than your M Drive

*At present P Drive (Pool) and the Staff Volume have not been added - they are being added soon!

In this example, click M - Home Directory - it will then show a copy of your Home Area on the College Network.

Copy a file Off the College Network to your Local Device


​Once you are in your Home Area, click on a file (not a folder) and you will see that the top navigation bar changes - click download.

The system will prompt you; then download your file






You are now logged into Remote Access. Don't forget to click 'Log Off This PC' on the desktop when you have finished.

Upload a file from your Local Device to the College Network


It is important that you keep your files within the Documents folder on the College network so that they are easy to find (as this is the default location when Saving/Opening documents on the College Network.


From the top navigation bar, click Upload​

Choose your file(s) from your local device and select upload - if a file already exists with the same name you will be prompted - this is correct if you downloaded the file and have worked on it locally.

Once you have finished working in the site, please go to your name in the top right hand corner and select logout.

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