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Saving Your Work


You should save your work on your secure network area known as your M: Drive.

Your M: Drive is fully backed up and is the most secure place for you to save your work. 

You save your work files onto your M: Drive in exactly the same way you would store them on the C: Drive of your home PC; click on File and then Save As menu options and from the Save In box select the line which starts with your username and ends with (M:). 

This is your networked filestore area.

​You can access your M: Drive and other networked drives when you are in college or outside of college via the Remote Access service.

You should never save to the local hard drive of the computer as it is insecure and vulnerable to loss or destruction. Also if you move to another computer the files would not be available. For this reason Its importatnt to note that any file saved to the desktop/local documents will be lost on logout.

Using Removable Media


​You can connect USB storage devices (such as your memory stick) to the front-facing USB ports on most machines. If you are using a USB memory stick, you must remember to close the session down before unplugging the device from the USB port or you may

damage the files on the device and you may not be able to access them. 

All data stored on USB storage should always be backed up to another device as USB storage can easily fail or get lost.

Data should be copied only in accordance with the College’s rules and guidelines. Under no circumstances should it be used to copy any copyright or licensed materials.​​

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