Microsoft Teams

Download Instructions

Depending on what device you have you can click the link below to download the Microsoft Teams App. Download this on your computer and/or phone.


Windows 10 / Mac     - (Mac Users click More Options)

iOS                             -

Android                       -



  • When prompted to sign in, use your college email address and password that you usually use to access emails/Sapien.

  • One logged in, you will notice that you will have already been added to ‘Teams’ in your subject areas.

  • If you click on the subject area, you will see there are hidden channels. Each of these will be for the different teachers in that subject area. Please click the class with your teachers name on it.

  • This will be the area that many of your teachers will share instructions for your lesson that day, resources and any additional materials (video links/articles etc).

  • You are able to post comments on here to ask any questions about tasks set and to communicate not only with your teacher, but with friends in your class. We are still a college community and we want you to get the best experience that you can from remote learning.

  • Here is a link with some basic training for Microsoft Teams:

  • If you have any trouble downloading or accessing Microsoft Teams, please email your teacher/tutor and we can get some assistance and support from the IT team where necessary.

IT Services - Birkenhead Sixth Form College