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We provide a networked printing service aimed at making the maximum use of environmentally friendly and cost-saving technologies. We have a number of Konica Minolta Multi Functional Devices (MFDs) which perform the vast majority of the printing of A3, A4 black & white and colour printing. Specialised printing takes place in our Printroom.

Print From Anywhere


You can send your work to be printed from wherever you are working and it will be sent to the central print queue. You can also print via our remote access service; i.e you could work on a document at home on our remote access system, send it to the print queue and collect it the next day.

Any print job that is not released within 48 hours will automatically be deleted from the print queue.

Secure / Follow Me Printing


We utilise a system called ‘Follow-Me’ printing which means that your print jobs are only printed when you authenticate to one of our MFDs and print your jobs

To release your print job you swipe your ID badge over the card reader connected to the MFD and select your job to be printed (instructions are provided at each MFD).

The first time you attempt to use the MFDs you will need to associate your ID badge with your network account, again there are instructions provided at each MFD. You will be unable to print if you do not have your ID badge.

Paying For Printing


Printing is charged at 1p for mono and 10p for colour copies.

At the start of term you are allocated a ‘Free Print’ balance. The value of your individual ‘free print’ balance has been calculated from discussions with teaching staff so that you will have sufficient credit to allow the printing required for your academic work.

Your print balance will be displayed as a £ near the clock when you are logged in on a computer. If you run out of print credits you can purchase additional credit on Hub1.

Photocopy & Scan


As well as printing, the Konica Minolta MFDs can photocopy and also scan. The Scanto-Me option works by emailing the resulting document to your college email account.

Whilst there is no charge for scanning, students need to be in print credit before they can use this service.

Printer Defaults


The default settings are for duplex, black and white printing so care should be taken to check the settings before sending to print.

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