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​​​Staff - Phone System


​Below are some quick FAQ's, but if you have any queries, please ask a member of IT Services.

How do I login to my phone?


Your number is not tied to a specific handset. If you are working in a different office/area, you can login to any phone and your number will then be reachable on that handset. Your phonebook, speed dials and features such as voicemail will all be there.

  1. Press the key labelled Hot Desk.

  2. The key labels will change - press the key next to Login.

  3. Use the number pad on the phone to enter your extension number, e.g 3133, then press the key labelled OK

  4. Enter your pass code (this was sent to you via IT Services)

  5. Press OK.


How do I dial an outside line?


To dial an outside line, dial 9 followed by the phone number you want to ring, just as you did with your analogue phone.

How do I answer the phone on speaker rather than through the handset?


To answer your Mitel VoIP phone on speaker, press the Speaker button in the top row of buttons to the right of the handset. To end the call, press the Cancel button

​How do I put a call on hold? How do I go back to the person I have put on hold?


To put a call on hold you can do one of the following:

  • Press the Mute button at the top right of your handset. This will mean the caller is still on the line but can't hear you.

  • Press the Call Hold button (the red button) to put the caller on hold - they will hear some waiting music. They will stay on hold for 30 seconds. If you have not taken them off hold, the line will start ringing again. You cannot receive any other calls while you have someone on hold.

To get your call back from being on hold, press the flashing line button on the very bottom of your display.

How do I transfer a call?


​Press the Transfer button on your phone

  1. Tell the person you are transferring the call to, or hang up as soon as you hear the phone ringing through.

  2. If there is no answer, the line is busy, or the person at the other end doesn't want to take the call, press Cancel        to go back to the caller.

​How do I create speed dial buttons?


Speed dial buttons allow you to set 'one touch' buttons to ring your frequent contacts.​

  1. Press the blue Menu button

  2. Press Settings.

  3. Press Programmable Keys option.

  4. Select a key to program for your speed dial.

  5. Select Speed Call.

  6. Press Edit Label and use the keypad to enter the name of the person you wish to have on speed dial.

  7. Press Save once you have typed the name.

  8. Press Edit Number and type the number on the keypad. Remember to press 9 first if it is an external number you wish to save.

  9. Press Save, then Save again.

  10. Press Close, then Close again.

How do I know if I have missed a call?


If you have missed a call the line key next to Call History (Missed Calls)​ will be lit. Pressing this button will show you a list of calls you missed. If the caller left you a voicemail message, the voicemail button will be lit along with the large message indicator light towards the top right of the phone. You may also (dependent on if you have requested it) get an email notifying you that you have a voicemail message.

​How do I setup/use my voicemail?​


If you have not setup your voicemail, the default passcode is 1111.

To set up your voicemail, press the Voicemail button on your phone and login using the passcode provided. Follow the spoken instructions to change your passcode, set up your greeting message and record your name. Your voicemail is now ready.

If you forget your passcode, please log a job via the IT Services helpdesk.

​How do I pickup a voicemail message?

The message light and the large light at the top of the phone both flash when you have a new voicemail message. You may also (dependent on if you have requested it) get an email nofiying you that you have a voicemail message.

​To retrieve your voicemail messages, press the Voicemail button on your phone and follow the spoken instructions to retrieve your message.

Alternatively, you can click on the link in the email notification and listen to the voicemail message via your PC, tablet or mobile.

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