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Remote Access - Apple Desktop/Laptop

The college has a remote access facility that allows you to login to a virtual desktop that resembles actually sitting in front of a computer in college.

Install Application 

In the App Store search for and then install Microsoft Remote Desktop (below)

Once installed open the application, and you will be presented with two options at the top of the screen ( PCs / Workspaces ) - select Workspaces, then in the middle of the screen select Add Workspace

An Add Workspace popup will appear, please enter . As you type this in the box below will expand;

Providing your popup looks the same as this please click Add

You will then be prompted to enter your College email address and password;

Once you have entered your details, please click Continue.

You will then be connected to our Remote Access system - please click BSFC VDI to be connected to a Remote Session; 











You are now logged into Remote Access. Don't forget to click 'Log Off This PC' on the desktop when you have finished.

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